Website maintenance services

Website administration services - professional, effective

For busy web owners who don't want to do it themselves!

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Professional website management service

Using a professional website management service helps busy customers to focus on their business, without having to worry much about taking care of the website.

You can still effectively exploit marketing from your website without knowing much about content management.

Website maintenance services
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Outstanding Features

Create content

Carly's team will help customers build and update content periodically

Website is always updated

The content and form are taken care of to keep the website fresh and professional


A variety of service packages with reasonable costs help you to be assured of your business while your website is still taken care of


What does website management service include?

Service also has several levels, related to the scope of work.

Depending on your requirements when choosing a service package, Carly will perform some or all of the following operations:

Data backup
Check website activity
Update content, news
Additional information about products and services
Check and fix links (links) in the website
Update and optimize image quality, size, name
Hosting Management
Install Google Analytics tools, Google Console
Website performance report

In addition, if you use Carly's SEO services, we will continue to do specialized operations to bring your website to the Top of Google:

Website optimization: source code, On-Page SEO, Off-Page, Local
Register the website to the relevant web directories
Register your website on popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo...

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Service

What website management services help customers?
We will help you take care of the website, write periodic articles according to the agreement, design photos and videos if you have a need
How much is the monthly cost?
Depending on the service plan that we charge, please see the fee schedule below for more details.

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There are many websites out there that will benefit from using professional website administration services, although many individuals or businesses do not realize this.

Why so?

Because the majority can and wants to self-govern. With small websites like personal pages or company introduction websites, it is completely possible to handle them by themselves, if you know a little skill (can learn) and take some time.

With those websites, there is no need to hire a service, because it will be expensive, but the work to be done is not much. You can only read the instructions for 30 minutes, then 1-2 hours a week, you can do it yourself, that is if you want.