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SEO service - bring web to top Google

Website SEO services are probably quite familiar to those who do business in the online environment, or webmasters. Website development is the first thing, optimizing it to have a business tool is the next important thing.

At Carly, in addition to building websites for customers, we also advise and provide optimization services for online products.

SEO service - bring website to Top Google
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Outstanding features

On-Page SEO

Powerful layout with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size. Resize browser to view.

Mobile SEO

Looks great and is super sharp on Retina Display. Retina Icons, Fonts and all other graphics are optimized.

Local SEO

Includes tons of fully customizable optimized code and delivers unmatched fast performance.


Benefits from our services

The explanation can be a bit repetitive with the starting point when you want to find an SEO service unit. But I will state the overall picture so that you can feel more confident about your work. Specifically, SEO will help you:

Increase traffic to the website. If you spend money to design a website that no one else visits, other than you and a few people in your company, it won't help. There are several hundred million websites in the world, so few people know your website, let alone remember the domain name. So if users can't find you via Google, they won't be able to type your domain name in the address bar. They will search and go to another site on the search results page. Doing SEO will help them find and visit your website, not another, thereby increasing the number of daily visitors.
Increase brand image presence. Many people visit, which means your company image is known by many people. At least enhance the interaction. Doing SEO helps your website become more visible, and the web owner's brand image closer to potential customers. Of course, this is only the quantity, but the quality needs to be added to other factors such as: the time the user stays to read the information, interact with the website ...
Improve your ability to reach potential customers, online. Once you have good traffic from the right set of users that you are targeting, it is clear that the number of potential customers has increased. This happens naturally, without direct intervention. We have clients who receive information from potential customers daily, even at night, or when they are traveling.
Increase sale revenue. This is all the more important. Add leads, interact and nurture these leads, you will have more customers simply coming to the website channel. Carly herself, and our clients have had a lot of customers through the site. And that is one of the solutions to increase revenue effectively, and sustainably. Surely you want to be like that too, right?!

And many other benefits will come, if the SEO work is effective and existing customers continue to be cared for and come back to buy goods and services. But stopping at the points mentioned above is quite enough for the use of genuine SEO services.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Service

How much does it cost to launch an SEO project?
To have an accurate SEO service quote, Carly needs specific information about the business and the product from its customers. Then Carly will research deeply to come up with the right price for customers.
How long does a seo project take?
Usually an SEO project takes place 4-6 months, with many projects being 1-3 months shorter. However, using Carly's SEO Branding method since the second month has brought efficiency (keyword rankings, increasing website visitors).
How do we control the work?
Carly commits to send reports automatically 1 time / month to customers, customers can request to send reports at any time. The report includes keyword rankings, user data and the effectiveness that SEO brings.

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So what exactly is SEO service?

This question will lead you back to a more fundamental issue: What is SEO?

SEO is the necessary operations to optimize a website, so that it can appear at the top of the search results list. We often call it to the Top of Google. When your page is on the first page, or in the Top, it means that the SEO for that keyword is successful.

And SEO services help you achieve that.

SEO operations can be divided into several main groups, including:

Analyze and evaluate the current state of the website that needs to be optimized
Plan and scope to do SEO
Conduct On-Page SEO activities nghiệp
Conduct Off-Page SEO activities
Monitor results, evaluate, adjust

Those are the things that SEO service providers must do. If you find something confusing or confusing, don't be shy. We are the doers, you just need to understand at a basic level to coordinate effectively.

You may be wondering why these things help get the site to the top of the search results. This question is very basic, and I see many customers ask. So I want to give you a quick explanation so that you get the hang of…

Why SEO services help your website to the Top?

In essence, search engines like Google, Bing, Coc Coc... evaluate websites based on certain criteria and algorithms. From there, there will be a classification to see if with a keyword a user is searching for, which website is capable of providing the most complete, accurate, and useful information will be on the top. Any website that does not meet or meets less of the criteria will go down to the bottom position.

Thus, when a website is optimized (you do it yourself or hire a service), the form, content, code ... are friendly and match the criteria that Google prefers. Therefore, Google understands that the site is useful to users, so it will tend to rank higher.

We understand Google's algorithm, as well as the needs of searchers for keywords related to your niche. It is a decisive factor to the effectiveness of keyword SEO, or overall website SEO.

Here is the tripartite relationship: website, Google, and searcher. Website gives searchers exactly the useful information they need, then Google will appreciate and rank high. Our service is to help Google realize this, the better for your web.

Experience is important. The results of the projects that Carly has worked on explain how we do it. Please refer!

Should you hire an SEO service or do it yourself?

I think the answer is pretty simple too. If you or your company has someone who knows how to do it and wants to do it, it's entirely possible to do it yourself with internal resources. Of course, that person also needs to invest time, because doing sustainable SEO is a long-term process, and requires investing time and effort to be effective.

If you don't have enough of the factors I just mentioned, then you should probably consider hiring an SEO service company (like ours), to do the optimization work for your website. You pay a service fee, but in return do not need to spend time, or invest in specialized personnel. As a result, you can focus on the main, and often more important, work, such as: taking care of the leads brought by your website, and increasing the conversion rate to customers, thereby increasing revenue along business efficiency. So maybe even better, right?

Why you should use Carly's SEO services
We understand the wishes of our customers, when this optimization service is needed. Many years of doing SEO in many fields help us to have a multi-dimensional perspective to find out the real needs of customers in each industry, for each specific type of website.
Find a way into the essence of optimal service. It's the direction the website provides the ultimate benefit to: your potential customers. They benefit from the information they will access and interact with. From there, there will be action in the direction that you have cleverly directed them to do in the content of the article.
That way, the SEO results are sustainable. We optimize your site by making it user-friendly, not by 'dodging' or 'overtaking' search engines. Therefore, the results achieved, although it takes time (necessary) but is real, and will be lasting.
You only pay the cost of the results achieved, according to the price list of SEO services. That means we only charge when the keyword is on the top. In fact, you have almost no loss or risk for your campaign when using Carly's SEO services.
Experienced in serving customers in many different localities, especially Hanoi, Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Quang Ninh, Da Nang...

Making real, sustainable results, with attractive costs… Are these things you care about when choosing SEO services? If yes, then we have the opportunity to work with you. Please contact us to discuss more about service quotes.